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Caliban Mailer support ended April 1, 2011. The program will remain available, but without maintenance or enhancements, and no one will be available to answer questions.
Caliban Mailer 2.30.4 is ready for download. Released December 22, 2009
What's new in this release?


"What is Caliban Mailer?"
Caliban Mailer is an advanced email delivery system that allows you to send messages and electronic documents to lists of recipients. You can create any number of mailing lists containing any combination of email addresses from a master set of email addresses.

"What! Who needs another spammer?!"
Unlike mass-email spamming programs, Caliban Mailer is designed for people who have a legitimate need to distribute email to groups of people who wish to receive it. The target audience includes electronic newsletter publishers, technical support, church and community groups, convenors, and so on.
Use of Caliban Mailer as a spamming tool is prohibited. If Caliban Computing determines that a client is using Caliban Mailer for such purposes, support will be terminated and the registration fee will not be refunded. As well, Caliban Computing will report your misuses to various spam deterrent groups and to your ISP. Caliban Computing's decision in this matter is final.

Key Benefits

  • Caliban Mailer creates an email message for each address in your list, eliminating the need for long "To" or "CC" lists. If you prefer, you can optimize delivery of your messages to the server by using the "BCC" delivery method instead.

  • Generate personalized email messages for each of your recipients with the use of letter templates.
  • Unlimited attachments.
  • Any change to an email address is automatically reflected in the mailing lists.
  • A Subscription Manager for automatic addition and removal of email addresses. With this feature, Caliban Mailer will process Subscribe/Add and Unsubscribe/Remove requests.

  • Click here for details on Features and System Requirements.

Download Caliban Mailer

Download Caliban Mailer

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Ordering Caliban Mailer 2.30  

Caliban Mailer You can obtain a registration number (or 'PIN') by registering Caliban Mailer for only $25.00 (US).
Secure ordering of Caliban Mailer by credit card is available from PayPal, SWREG/DigiBuy or Register Now!.
PayPal, SWREG/DigiBuy and Register Now! accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover (Novus).  In addition, SWREG/DigiBuy and Register Now! accept Eurocard, and DigiBuy accepts Diner's Club. If you would rather not place an online order, SWREG/DigiBuy and Register Now! can process your phone, fax, mail order or corporate purchase order for a slight additional fee. (Register Now! also provides the following alternative payment options: Bank/Wire transfer, Check/Money Order, Fax-Credit Card, and Invoice. See the Register Now! web site for details.)
Never send credit card information via email, as regular email is not secure! Do not send credit card orders to Caliban Computing. Both SWREG/DigiBuy and Register Now! use VeriSign security. Click here for PayPal security information. 



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If you have any questions or comments, or if you do not receive the registration number after having placed an order, please contact Caliban Computing directly, and do NOT call Register Now! or SWREG/DigiBuy. They cannot help you. They will just inform us that you called.
For your convenience, we recommend that you send Caliban Computing an email message after placing your order mentioning your email address in the mail body.
Caliban Computing will make every effort to email your registration number to you as soon as possible after PayPal, Register Now! or SWREG/DigiBuy notifies us of your order. However, it can take several days before you actually receive the registration number. Please take this into account if you are on a deadline.
Due to the free evaluation period for this product, no refunds are given if you are not satisfied with the performance of the product.