Caliban Mailer support ended April 1, 2011. The program will remain available, but without maintenance or enhancements, and no one will be available to answer questions.

Version: 2.30.4
December 23,

  • Some minor bug fixes and updates for compatibility with Windows 7.

Version: 2.30.3
October 21,

  • Relocated help button from title bar to ensure compatibility with Vista.
  • Some minor bug fixes and updates for compatibility with 64-bit versions of Vista.

Version: 2.30.2
January 20,

  • Repackaged as a CalibanMailerSetup-2.30.msi download file to ensure compatibility with Windows Vista. (Administrator privileges are required to install this product.)
  • Updated for compatibility with Microsoft® Visual C++ 2008.

Version: 2.30.1
March 7, 2007

  • Added security updates that require Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP or Vista. Older versions of Windows are no longer supported by Caliban Mailer.
  • Fixed problem sending certain letter templates (usually HTML) to certain email servers that resulted in a "protocol error" or a "the connection with the server was lost or could not be established" error. (This problem is sometimes referred to as the "Bare LF" error.)
  • Converted the Caliban Mailer help system to HTML help from the older "Windows help" format, thus conforming to the new Vista standard.

Version: 2.20.1
January 11, 2006

  • Repackaged as a considerably smaller download, while keeping all features.
  • Improved detection of improperly formatted email addresses.
  • Updated for compatibility with Microsoft® Visual C++ 2005.

Version: 2.10.7
May 11, 2005

  • Minor updates to Subscription Manager to better detect email undeliverable messages.

Version: 2.10.6
December 10, 2004

  • Fixed problem in Subscription Manager where the changed logon password was not being saved.
  • Improved email address verification when creating, editing and copying email addresses.
  • Email addresses containing a "|" character are now shown properly in the Addresses tab.
  • Fixed problem where server ports and timeout changes were not being saved.
  • Better error handling when Subscription Manager is prematurely disconnected from email server.
  • Some minor updates to ensure compatibility with Windows XP SP2.

Version: 2.10.5
June 21, 2004

  • Minor enhancements, concentrating on core functionality.
  • Removed the "Binhex" email encoding option because of compatibility problems.

Version: 2.10.4
November 7, 2003

  • A number of updates to the Subscription Manager including:
    • Improved  keyword matching, including the ability to match phrases such as, "Mail system error".
    • Proper display of encoded subject text, according to RFC2047.
    • Improved  handling of the "Cancel" button to avoid system errors while messages are downloading.
    • Improved download progress display.
  • Fixed problem where invalid recipient address could cancel email delivery.
  • Minor changes to email headers for better compliance with RFC2822.
  • Other minor enhancements to the product.

Version: 2.10.3
May 14, 2003

  • No longer crashes if "Check for update" cannot connect to server.
  • Created using Microsoft® Visual C++ .NET 2003.

Version: 2.10.2
April 1, 2003

  • This new version provides keyword substitutions for HTML messages.
  • Improved handling of large (over 1MB) attachment files.

Version: 2.10.1
February 19, 2003

  • This new version introduces the choice of HTML or plain text for your Letter Templates.
  • Improved Subscription Manager allowing customizable keyword selection and individual notification message handling.
  • Stronger password security under Windows XP.
  • A new mailing tracking option to complement the log file.
  • Assorted minor user interface changes.
  • This is the first version of Caliban Mailer to be created using Microsoft® Visual C++ .NET.
  • This new release uses the standard Microsoft Windows installer for software installation.
  • Click here if you plan to use this version with Windows 95/98.

Version: 1.30.5
December 6, 2001

  • Added a "Check for Update" button to the About box.
  • Recipient email addresses and names can now be up to 255 characters long.
  • Better handling of email addresses without names.
  • Better appearance with WinXP themes.

Version: 1.30.4
October 11, 2001

  • Number of characters allowed for the mail server entries has been increased to 255.
  • "Reply to" option now working properly.
  • Fixed problem where read-only attachment files were not being delivered. 

Version: 1.30.3
October 2, 2001

  • Corrected problem that was occurring on some Win2000 systems the first time the Outbox tab was selected.
  • Corrected database warning when deleting all addresses or all letter templates.
  • Now making use of the current release of the Microsoft DAO/Jet  database engine,  DAO 3.6. This version is used in Microsoft Office 2000 and XP. It also means that the minimal install contains everything that is required for use on WinME, Win2000 and WinXP systems.

Version: 1.30.2
September 13, 2001

  • Fixed problem where some servers were rejecting recipient names containing certain punctuation.
  • Corrected shortcut key problems.

Version: 1.30.1
September 7, 2001

  • Revamped  user interface for the presentation of lists and for the creation of mailings.
  • Changes to the way email addresses are imported from text files. Check the Help file for details.
  • Updates for compatibility with Windows XP.
  • The database file distributed with this version is password protected to prevent unauthorized changes to the database definition.
  • The database file will now be installed to the Windows ‘application data’ folder, as per Microsoft’s specification.

Version: 1.20.1
April 26, 2001

  • Starting with this version, Caliban Mailer will no longer show ads, as Conducent Inc. has closed it's business operations.  Accordingly, Caliban Mailer will no longer operate in sponsored mode, and must be registered after the trial period.
  • Added Options button to Letter Template dialog. This allows the setting of message options, including priority and read receipt requests.

Version: 1.10.17
March 20, 2001

  • Added MIME Email encoding options: Base64 and Quoted-printable. Also added the older but still useful Uuencode and BinHex encoding for attachments. Selections can be made in the Email section of the Options tab.
  • All text file attachments in MIME messages will be encoded as "quoted-printable". This avoids the problems some servers and email clients may experience with lines longer than 76 characters within the attachment.
  • Messages with attachments now display properly in Eudora.
  • Added message delivery progress indicator to status bar.

Version: 1.10.16
March 14, 2001

  • Now able to send messages via "Bcc" addressing, as well as the classic "To" method. This choice can be made in the Email section of the Options tab. Bcc addressing can reduce connection time, and places the onus on the server to deliver the messages to the intended recipients.
  • A one-button way to delete the Caliban Mailer log file has been added to the Troubleshooting section of the Options tab.
  • Attachment files which cannot be found are indicated with a '?' symbol in the Attachments dialog.

Version: 1.10.15
March 2, 2001

  • Problem sending lines which begin with a dot ('.') has been fixed.
  • The garbage characters which occasionally appeared after the 'end sequence' no longer appear.
  • An "invalid user email address" error is now handled better.
  • The full product version number is now shown in the 'splash' window on start-up.

Version: 1.10.14
February 1, 2001

  • Fixed modem detection problem present under Windows 95.

Version: 1.10.13
January 31, 2001

  • Better attachment handling for mixed file types.

Version: 1.10.12
December 31, 2000

  • Updated banner ad retrieval subsystem to version 5.1, as per Conducent's new specifications.
  • Smarter determination of attachment file type for encoding purposes. This fixes the PDF file attachment encoding problem.
  • Fixed Mailing List and Address edit problems which occurred immediately after a database repair and compact.

Version: 1.10.11
December 27, 2000

  • Better visual indication of which letter templates contain attachments.
  • The address in "To" was being sent when "Reply To" was not blank.

Version: 1.10.10
December 18, 2000

  • Repaired occasional problems sending attachments on Win95/98 systems. (Not an issue on Win2000.)
  • Minor changes to the user-interface on various list column headers.

Version: 1.10.9
November 21, 2000

  • Fixed crash problem in Subscription Manager when an incorrect POP password is specified.
  • Better error handling when connecting to the SMTP server.
  • Choice of downloadable installation files: Full, Minimal, System Update.
  • Checked, and verified, that there are occasional problems sending attachments on Win95/98 systems. (Not an issue on Win2000.)

Version: 1.10.8
November 12, 2000

  • Added support for firewalls.
  • Better fit for 640x480 screen resolutions.
  • New email delivery and RAS/DUN subsystems.
  • Reduced flicker when resizing the main application window and various dialogs.
  • A further reduction of the size of the help file.
  • Added new sections and reorganized others in the Options tab.

Version: 1.10.6
October 6, 2000

  • Fixed problem where incorrect attachments were occasionally being sent.

Version: 1.10.5
September 14, 2000

  • Updated ad banner retrieval subsystem, as per advertisement provider's new specifications.

Version: 1.10.3
September 5, 2000

  • Adjusted Caliban Mailer's color scheme to be compatible with Windows settings, providing better conformity with Microsoft's accessibility design guidelines.

Version: 1.10.2
August 28, 2000

  • Corrected the time stamp on outgoing messages to account for daylight savings time.
  • Reduced the file size of the help file.
  • Tested with Windows Millennium Edition.

Version: 1.10.1
August 21, 2000

  • The Outbox continued to show sent messages even though the Workspace option was set to move sent items to the Sent Items page.
  • Deleted items from the Address page and Letter Template page now stay deleted.
  • Keyword substitution errors fixed.
  • The calendar icon in the Quick Mailing dialog now moves with the dialog.
  • Outgoing messages are now sent with a priority of "normal".
  • Installs to a destination other than the default directory, as selected by the user.

Version: 1.10
June 17, 2000

  • A Subscription Manager for automatic addition and removal of email addresses. With this feature, Caliban Mailer will process Subscribe/Add and Unsubscribe/Remove requests.
  • More keywords for automatic text substitutions.
  • A "wizard" to help configure Caliban Mailer at start-up.
  • Scheduled email deliveries, including an interface with the Microsoft Task Scheduler.
  • Ability to handle over one million email addresses.
  • Improvements to the user interface and on-line help.
  • Caliban Mailer will operate in one of two modes, registered and sponsored (unregistered). Sponsored-mode Caliban Mailer is free, fully functional and displays advertisements. Conducent Technologies Inc. is providing the technology which integrates advertisements into the application. The registered product will not display ads.

Version: 1.0
June 10, 1998

  • First general, worldwide release!
  • Word wrap for outgoing messages.
  • Improved online help.
  • More keywords for automatic text substitutions. To avoid confusion with the new keywords, the previously supported keywords %NAME% and %ADDR% have been replaced with %TONAME% and %TOADDR%, respectively.