How to get started with Caliban Computing's Instant Housecall

Call us at (613)277-2193 and describe your computer problem. If we can provide a solution we will arrange an Instant Housecall session.

Here is how Instant Housecall works.

1. Click here  Instant Housecall Remote Support and you will be connected to the download page for Instant Housecall.

Click "Connect to Specialist" button at steps at the Instant Housecall page, and follow the 3 steps. A small application will be download and installed on your PC, and a desktop icon will appear.


If Instant Housecall does not start automatically, simply double-click the Instant Housecall icon on your desktop to start.

You type a request and accept the Terms of Service (payment) and click the Start Session button. In a matter of moments, a secure session is created between your PC and our technician. Our technician has access to your PC via his mouse and keyboard.

When the problem has been solved the connection is closed. Either person can terminate. On your PC a window appears indicating the termination of the session.