Caliban Computing offers remote technical support services for PC users. This allows immediate assistance without the need of a technician visiting your home. Our technician can remotely control your computer to diagnose problems and perform basic software maintenance.

Once the technician is connected to your computer he has a set of reporting and diagnostic tools at his disposal, giving him almost the same capabilities as if he were sitting in front of your computer. As long as both the technician and the customer have a working high-speed connection to the Internet, the physical distance between them is not a factor. Think of this as a "green option," as there is no need for travel back and forth between our facility and your location.

If you require remote technical support, please contact Caliban Computing either by phone or email to book an appointment. If we can provide a solution we will initiate an Instant Housecall session.

To prepare for remote technical support:

  1. To download Instant Housecall, click here: Instant Housecall Remote Support

  2. Run Instant Housecall.

  3. Click the "Start Session" session and follow the prompts.

Show me more details.

You do not required to keep the Instant Housecall software on your PC after the completion of the remote service session. You will be asked if you wish to remove the software after the remote session. However, if you uninstall the software, you will have to download and install the next time you require remote assistance.


What do I do while the technician is working?

During a typical session, the technician will usually only need your assistance for a few minutes at the beginning. You will not normally need to sit at your PC while the technician is working, but you should check the screen from time to time for messages from the technician informing you of his progress. You and the technician can communicate with each other via a "chat" window. The technician may need your agreement before removing certain unnecessary software, and may require your assistance to restart the PC and reconnect.

How do I take back my computer?

You may disconnect at any time by pressing the F11 key, or request that the technician conclude the session. We cannot access your PC again unless you initiate another Instant Housecall session.

How do I pay?

Caliban Computing prefers online payment through PayPal. PayPal securely processes your payment from most major credit cards. If you are unfamiliar with PayPal or prefer a more traditional billing method, we can provide you with a paper invoice and accept payment via cheque.