Do you need someone to develop your small-sized software project? Caliban Computing can help.

If your project meets the following criteria, feel free to submit a proposal

  • The software can be written as a 32 or 64 bit Windows application with Microsoft's Visual C++ or C#.
  • The project can be accomplished in a reasonably short time (weeks or months).
  • All proposal requirements can be met in advance of our starting the project.
  • Our working for you does not require an exclusive working relationship (we may work for other clients).

Proposal Requirements

  • Describe the operation of the application or component.
  • Provide sketches or prototypes of any interface elements that the software will use.
  • Describe how the software will be used.
  • Describe what the software will be used for.
  • Describe the level of experience of the end-user (expert, casual, beginner, developer, etc.).
  • Expected project completion date.
In addition, these items must be specified before the project can start (as applicable):
  • Detailed description of anticipated software use.
  • Architecture or design requirements.
  • User interface, language and visual requirements.
  • Performance requirements.
  • Hardware and operating system requirements.
  • Interface specifications for discrete components, if applicable (DLLs, OLE controls, etc.).

Other Information

  • Caliban Computing reserves the right to accept or reject projects without explanation or prejudice.
  • Our hourly rates are reasonable, but as they are negotiable we will only discuss money once we have discussed a project proposal.
  • Once the project is started, changes to specifications or requirements can be considered a change in the contract.
  • Reasonable bug fixes will be performed free-of-charge. "Reasonable" means that the bug prevents the software from operating as specified in the proposal. Caliban Computing reserves the right to decide whether a bug fix is actually a new feature or enhancement.
  • Projects in these fields will be considerably easier for us than projects in some other fields:
    • POP/SMTP email 
    • User interface evaluation and design
    • ...but this list is growing all the time - feel free to ask!
  • Short schedules may result in higher hourly rates.

In addition to software development, Caliban Computing can:

  • Install, customize and troubleshoot just about any commercial Windows software package
  • Set up and perform routine maintenance of PC equipment
  • Layout and code your World Wide Web pages for the Internet

Contact General Information at info@caliban.com